A cedar surrounds the first red autumn leaves in the Jizoin Temple
―from the monument of Nomura Toshiro



Shuzan-kaido Road connects the urban area of Kyoto to the Sea of Japan.
Takao is located at the entrance of Shuzan-kaido Road, and is said to be one of the three greatest mountain ridges.

Takao is also well-known, not only in Kyoto, but also nationwide as one of Japan’s prime places for beautiful red autumn leaves. The landscape of the mountain village with glowing autumn leaves is seen against the beautiful forest of Kitayama cedar trees.

The atmosphere of Takao is one of the beautiful aspects of Kyoto, which was once the capital of Japan.


  • Re-opening of the Approach to Jingoji Temple

    We are sorry for any trouble caused for you while the approach to the temple was closed for nine months due to a landslide caused by heavy rain near the temple’s approach in July 2018. The approach is now available.

    Re-opening of the Approach to Jingoji Temple
  • The condition of each temple as of July 2019

    Takaosan Jingoji Temple
    Open to visitors
    Makinoosan Saimyoji Temple
    Open to visitors
    Toganoosan Kosanji Temple (also known as Kozan-ji)
    Only the Sekisuiin Hall is open to visitors. The precincts are temporarily closed.

    *For details, contact each temple.

A pass that is convenient and advantageous for Takao sightseers has been recently released.

  • 京都・高雄 三美の旅
  • 京都高雄 三尾めぐり お散歩MAP
  • 高雄山神護寺
  • 栂尾山 髙山寺
  • 京都・高雄の茶店 硯石亭
  • 京都 高雄 料理旅館 もみぢ家
  • 高雄観光ホテル
  • 料理旅館 高雄錦水亭
  • 嵐山-高雄パークウェイ
  • 京都高雄マウンテンマラソン 公式サイト
  • とっておきの京都